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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

#0156 Why won't He respond to me?

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0156 Peace and Blessings Every Day
Why won’t He respond to me?

As I sit here in the Houston-Hobby airport, waiting for the
delayed Delta flight, I sit back, take my shoes off, and
listen to some meditation music as I watch the Sun
renew another day through its bright rays slowly
starting to beam into the dark night’s sky.

For some reason I am reminded of a friend, who is going
through some difficult times. Issues seem to be all-around
him that is affecting his life from eating to working to his
social interactions with everyone around him.

I am reminded of a conversation I had with him. He was
dejected by the idea that God wasn’t responding to him
when he was in dire need of help.

We all have been in situations where we go through
difficulties in our lives. It could be family problems,
work problems, or any other calamity that sucks away
our positive energy and weakens our inner spiritual being.
When we finally speak to God for help, we feel as though
we aren’t getting a response.

When my friend said this to me, I realized something. You
see, normally, I don’t keep in touch with friends on a regular
basis when I know the person is busy. It isn’t that I am aloof
with my friends, but more that I realize we all have our moments
of being really busy, so I let it pass until the opportunity comes
before me to seek out my friends.

In this particular moment, something was telling me to contact him.
So I did. When we met, I realized this was the opportune time to
meet because he was going through a lot.

Going back to his comment that he felt God wasn’t responding, I realized
God, in His perfect plan, was speaking directly to my friend. Yet, it
was through those close to him, which in this case I was fulfilling that role.

Such a concept to think that God speaks to us through others. But
think to a moment or time when you had difficulty. You may have prayed
to God for help, and what happened? Through your difficulty you had
someone or a group of people to help you get through it.

I know I did. My friend was one of those people who God sent to help me
when I was going through a lot of trouble a couple years back.

I know I didn’t solve all of his problems when it was my turn to help,
or perhaps any, but through
God’s divine intervention, I let him know I was here for him as he
tries to go through his difficult process.

In life we have to realize we are all players. Either we play a role
in someone’s life to help them grow, or someone will play
a role in our life to help us grow.

That is God speaking to us.

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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