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Monday, July 22, 2013

#0216 When your prayers are answered, then what?

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0216 Peace and Blessings Every Day
When your prayers are answered, then what?

A friend of mine was distraught. Her prayers
had been answered, yet she wasn’t really happy.
You see with her prayer being answered,
another obstacle came as a result of it--or so she

Let me provide some background information.
Awhile back she had really wanted to pursue law.
Obviously, what needed to be done was to get
into law school and start her studies of law.
Getting into law school is a challenge of itself because
you first have to get a decent score on the law aptitude
test and then you have to compete with so many other
people to get into a good school. Especially when the
economy is down, more people decide to pursue more
education so the applicant pool is much greater.

Getting into law school was obstacle that came her way
and it was as if God wasn’t answering her prayers. Perhaps .
the timing just wasn’t right when she felt it was right.

When her prayers do get answered and she is in law school,
like many other students in law school, she is
questioning why she is there and what she will do with it.

This is not anything unique. We ask God to help us with
something and we keep praying. When our prayer is answered
we get in a state where we doubt why our prayers were

Like my friend, I was in the same situation. I prayed for things
to work out and when they finally did, I realized I wasn’t really
being grateful for what was given to me. The exact thing I
wanted, when I got it, I wasn’t making full use of it or truly
being thankful for it.

Just like God can give and answer our prayers, so too
can He take things away. It is important to learn to be
grateful even when your prayers are answered and the
outcome of it is another obstacle. Realize God will help
you through it as He always has and push the worry
and doubt aside. Let the inner peace of knowing you are
being taken care of fill your mind.

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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