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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

#0239 Already setting up for failure

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0239 Peace and Blessings Every Day
Already setting up for failure

A friend of mine is studying for the GMATs. This test will
give him the score which will determine what school he
goes to get his Masters in Business Administration

Although he has been making effective use of his time to study and
considering the fact that he is smart, he felt like he wouldn’t
be ready for the exam which was two weeks away.

“I think I’ll just take the exam and then start studying again to
take it again,” he told me.

This was an Inner Peace and Blessings moment.

Even though he was studying as much as he could and preparing
as best as he could, he was already setting himself up for failure
before he even took the exam and found the results.

What does this do? Well, psychologically speaking, your brain
is already registering that you don’t expect you will do well. As
a result, on the day of performance, your brain will allow you to
fumble because you have already given it orders.

“I will already fail.”

Have you ever done this in life? Already set yourself up
for failure without even having tried something?

Before you do anything, let your brain register that
you will do the best you can and you are as prepared as you can
The results may go either way.

You may do well. You may not do well.

But why set yourself up for failure before you
even begin?

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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