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Ramin Mohammad

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

#0300 Will it be worth it?

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0300 Peace and Blessings Every Day
Will it be worth it?

It is nearly 11 pm.

I am sick. I am tired. I have been studying for an exam
for the past few days in my office upstairs.

I am exhausted.

Downstairs my wife has been
keeping herself occupied being completely
understanding of the fact that I have to study.

I take a break and go downstairs to just check up
on her.

“Asia,” I say as she sees the frown on my face, “I feel
bad because I have not been able to spend time with you.
I have been studying so much and I just hope
it is all worth it.”

She looks at me smiling, “Ramin, you know this will be
worth it, but better yet, right now your only job is to
prepare and do the best you can.”

Asia had a tremendous point.

Too often this doubting question comes in the back of my mind
whenever I am doing something important:

Will it be worth it?

This often causes me to start to
think negatively, but Asia made a great point.

Right now my job isn’t to worry about if it will be worth it.

Right now my responsibility is to prepare and be as ready as
I can, and to give it my all knowing I tried my best.

The next time you are doing something and a doubting question
comes to you of “Will it be worth it?”

Remember your responsibility is to prepare and just do.

Time will reveal the answer to that question, but it isn’t
important right now.

Right now just do your best and know that you did that.

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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