Welcome to Inner Peace Be Upon You

Welcome to Inner Peace Be Upon You!

Thank you for supporting me in this endeavor! My purpose in Inner Inner Peace Be Upon You is to send a motivational, inspirational, uplifting newsletter every day during the week day.

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Inner Peace Be Upon You,

Ramin Mohammad

Saturday, July 13, 2013

#0100 100th Issue

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 00100 Peace and Blessings Every Day

100th Issue.

Today is the 100th issue of Inner Peace Be Upon You. 

It is somewhat of a milestone, wouldn't you say? 

For a majority of you, I have spoken to you through the words
of Inner Peace Be Upon you for 100 days now. On 100 different 
occasions you have received something in your inbox about Inner Peace.

Sure, a lot of you have enjoyed it. I have gotten a lot of positive feedback.
You've forwarded it onto friends, family members, and anyone 
who you thought needed some Peace and Blessings.

There are others who didn't like the first 100 issues. Some unsubscribed and
just didn't like some of the messages in my newsletters for it centered around
the idea of God.

I think back to the very first issue of Inner Peace Be Upon You. I was
inspired by the thought and words of:

"God gives us ideas on how to use the talents that He has given
us in so many ways and through so many different people. 
Your only responsibility is to be obedient and get busy doing
whatever He has told you to do. Let Him worry about making it a

This inspired me to start Inner Peace Be Upon You. 

Was I nervous?

Of course I was. 

I knew I could reach out to a lot of people. 

Just as I knew I could also offend people. 

Words are power. 

Yet, I cast all doubt out of my mind and marched forward with the thought that
God gave me this idea on how to use my talents and it is my responsibility
to do something with it and let Him make it a success.

Some times I feel like I lose focus. What is my end goal?

Is my goal to reach as many subscribers as possible? It would be nice
to be able to reach as many people as possible, but is the numbers my purpose? 

Or is my goal to keep writing knowing that even if it changes the life of one
person, I have made all of the difference in the world?

My ego constantly battles me. 

This battle is something we all constantly face. Some of us know it. 

Many of us don't. 

We start out with a strong purpose, but then we lose sight of our good intentions.

It can happen with any aspect of your life. Often you have to stop, even when you
have gained momentum, and evaluate the journey. You have to ask yourself
if the path you are on and the path you are paving is appropriate and remind
yourself of the purpose that initially put you on this path.

Let's hope I maintain focus for the next 100 issues to continue giving some semblance 
of Inner Peace to those who are in search of it.

I thank you for reading and being part of the first 100 issues. 

May God allow me to keep writing messages of Inner Peace for the next 100. 

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

Thank you for inviting Inner Peace Be Upon You into your mailbox.
Change a life, give a friend Peace and Blessings.

See you tomorrow.
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