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Saturday, July 13, 2013

#0099 Your life as a tree

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0099 Peace and Blessings Every Day

Your life as a tree.

We all started as merely a seed that God planted to be a part of this world.

Your roots are your family, no matter what happens to you - whether 
you live, die, or move away from them, your roots will always stay with you- 
no matter where you go. 

The tree trunk is your morals and character. Each ring represents positive 
personality traits. The more rings, the thicker the trunk, the healthier and 
happier your character.

Each branch represents chapters in your life. The more branches, the more 
you have experienced in this life. Each branch tells a story. Some trees grow 
strong branches with green leaves, fruits, and flowers...representing happy 
experiences. While other trees carry branches that are weak with stale brown 
leaves or no leaves at all...representing sad experiences. 

The tree needs both sunshine and rain to grow and survive. The sun represents 
happiness and the rain represents tears. Without the sun (happiness) you will simply 
not grow to a healthy happy character. Without the rain (tears) you will also not grow. 
Tears are derived from both happiness and sadness – which represent events in your 
life that motivate your character to become stronger and a better person. 

If your character is weak, the tree won’t grow or survive. Poor characters have thin trunks 
(with less rings, equating to unhealthy sad characters.) They won’t be able to survive a strong 
wind or rainstorm. It breaks very easily – like a twig, and only stronger trees are able to survive 
heavy storms and the winds of time. They can withstand severe life events, 
considered to be God’s tests for us.

The difference between a tree and person, is that a tree does not choose where it is planted. 
A tree is stuck and cannot move, it sits either in a dark forest or a beautiful garden. It is
 either situated somewhere with lots of sunshine or only exposed to rain. But a person, on 
the other hand, does have the choice to plant itself anywhere in this world and surround itself 
with the people who love them the most and where they are the happiest. 

Choose your place in this world wisely, and settle where you are the most content. If you 
aren’t happy, then make the changes in your life today to achieve your goals. Sometimes 
you don’t even have to move where you are, it can be as simple as seeing the world thru the
lens of an optimistic, thankful, and happy person. 

God gives the most sunshine and rain to the ones he loves most. It is his way of helping 
us grow into a stronger healthier characters. Make God proud and plant yourself where 
your tree will grow the most.

-G. Mayel

~As submitted by Inner Peace Be Upon You Subscriber Abdullah F, VA, USA~

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