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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

#0006 Out of our control

Inner Peace Be Upon You

#0006 Peace and Blessings Every Day

Out of our control

Occasionally, I teach accounting classes. This is more of a side-job that I do because it allows me to teach what I know.
After I finish with my day job, I catch the train to get to my class.

Most times the trains have been on time. Today, however, the train decided to have signal problems.

People are here on the platform waiting for the delayed train. Five minutes late turns to ten minutes late.
Ten minutes late turns to fifteen minutes late.

Slowly I see a trend amongst the people. I see people frantically looking at their phones, 
asking the company conductor where the train is, and just getting frustrated.

At that moment I had a Peace and Blessings moment.

Some times in life things go according to plan. Most times, however, they don't. So what do you do?

Get upset?

Get frustrated?

Get angry?

You start to think to yourself, 'Why is this happening to me? Especially today!'

Soon enough other people feed off of this negative energy.

They get upset.

They get frustrated.

They get angry.

What we most often fail to realize is these situations are out of our control. These situations are not [bad]. 
We will label them as [bad] but the thing is these situations really are neutral.

We put a label on it. We allow ourselves to see it as [bad]. 

Then we get upset.

We get frustrated.

We get angry.

It is up to us to put a label on it.

We can put a bad label on it and let it damper our mood.

Or we can accept what is happening, control our mindset, and allow this [bad] happening to pass.

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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