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Monday, October 28, 2013

#0530 DC Evening Stroll

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0530 Peace and Blessings Every Day
DC Evening Stroll

Asia and I were finally able to spend a day outside
while it was still daylight. Exams had just
finished and I had a few days off before I had
to travel for work. The weather was mild so
we got our son Zayan ready, packed his stroller,
and decided to go to DC to walk around
the monuments.

Zayan finally went to sleep, so Asia and I were
able to take in the surroundings near the Mall.
As we were walking down by the reflecting pool
with the stroller, we noticed coming from the
opposite way a person in a wheelchair with two
other people.. Since it was dark, we couldn’t see
too much, but as they approached and we approached
a middle point, for a couple of seconds we were able
to take in that it was an elderly man in the wheel chair
with his wife and someone else with him.

It was an Inner Peace and Blessings moment.

Life truly does resemble a circle and a balancing act.

Here we had Zayan with us. A baby who did depend on us
for a lot of things. He wasn’t able to walk, we had to feed him,
change him, and always keep on eye on him.

The same thing happens when you get older. One way or
another our bodies revert back to its state of being
dependent. We may not be able to walk; we need some
type of help feeding ourselves; sometimes even changing
ourselves; and someone has to watch after us.

In the bigger scheme of things, what this allowed me
to realize is everything also comes full circle to a state
of neutral. I am a firm believer that life will balance itself
out even when a person tries hard to go against it.

We start off in a stroller and one way
or another we end up in a wheel chair.

Life is balance. Appreciate it. Respect it.

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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