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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

#0494 Homeowner's Association

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0494 Peace and Blessings Every Day
Homeowner’s Association

We had family over one weekend, as
we immersed in conversation it
became late so my wife and I had them
spend the night.

The community we live in a development that is part of a
Homeowner’s Association (HOA), and as those
who live in one of these communities know
the problems that are associated with it.

My sister parked the car in a spot that was
open across from us since our garage and driveway
already had cars parked. I did not see any issues with her
parking in the open spot as I had parked there
on a few occasions myself.

Of course the following morning we wake up to a missing
car. Instinctively one would think, “My car is stolen!” Well,
not completely in this case. You see my sister’s
car ended up getting towed.

We called the towing company and asked why it was towed,
and they indicated it was per some HOA covenant that
stipulated that spot could not be used. Something which
I was not aware of. As a result, we paid the hefty fine
and went to pick up the car.

Normally, in situations like this, like anyone else, I would be
upset. Then I remembered a saying in Farsi, which
directly translates to “evil hit that.” Something negative
was going to happen, and instead of it happening
to my or my family’s health or mental well-being or
anything else can’t can’t be replaced, it
just hit our pocket books.

Understandably hitting the pocket books is not
something that in this day is taken lightly, but
if ever in a situation that some calamity of
whatever degree comes upon your material wealth,
just be grateful that it wasn’t your health or
mental well-being or anything else that can’t be

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