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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

#0486 Going backwards in life

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0486 Peace and Blessings Every Day
Going backwards in life

I was on the metro at night after my class was done.
Since I have a long enough commute, what I normally
do after class on the metro is to do my readings for the
following week.

We arrive at a stop and this middle-aged Asian man comes into
the train and sits on the left side one row ahead of
me. With him is a MacBook Air, and I see he has
a mifi card (it provides WiFi but is mobile) and begins
to work.

As the commute progresses we come to a stop, the
passengers unload, and right as the train proceeds again, the
man, who had been working on his MacBook, asks, “Oh,
man, was that the Braddock stop?” I respond, “Yes, that was
This started a small conversation between us. He saw
the books on my lap and asked if I was in school. I told
him I was doing reading for my evidence class. Apparently,
he was in the process for studying for a certification so my
casebook caught his attention.

“You know sometimes I feel like I am going backwards in life,”
he said to me looking tired.

“It may feel like that right now, but I’m sure that a little
further down the road when you have the ability to look
back, you’ll see that your life was moving forward when
it seemed like it was going backwards,” I said in response.

He smiles and tells me he has been in the Information
Technology industry for 22 years, and he was making
a lot more money 15 years ago, and instead of working
less now, he has to work more.

We said our goodbyes as he gets off at the next stop. I
don’t know anything else further about the man except
for that conversation. What struck me was his comment.
He felt like he was moving backwards in life.

The reason why his comment stood out to me is a lot of
us will experience a growth in our incomes whether it be
moderate or substantial. As we see this growth, a lot of us
will want to spend more. Now there is nothing wrong with
reaping the benefits of your hard work, but there is a problem
when you continue to use your resources more than you should.

We tend to forget to save or change our habits so that we can
remove the shackles that our economy with its high debt and encouragement
of spending, that is more often too common,
places on us.

As you are moving forward in life with whatever comes your way, stop,
think, and reflect with how your actions are helping you move
forward so that you really aren’t just going backwards in life.

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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