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Friday, October 11, 2013

#0512 Push up roses

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0512 Peace and Blessings Every Day
Push up roses
It helps to keep life in proper perspective.
Your perspective often depends on whom you associate with.

I was at a business conference. I heard from entrepreneurs on
the struggles of start-up, the mistakes and the successes.
Everyone was geared to telling you how to get better which
translated into how to get more.

Captains of the industry were recognized not only for what they
had done but most likely what they would do.

The one exception was Ed Williams.

Mr. Williams was retired. His days of glory and trailblazing in
the industry were legendary, but they were days gone by.

He was the former head of the Health and Beauty Aids section of
Walgreens, one of the largest drug store chains in America.

Everyone else was struggling to get and maintain,
Ed was finished. He had a different perspective.

"75% of my waking hours were spent working with Walgreens, seven
days a week," he said. "When you retire, things change; it's a
shock that most high-powered executives aren't prepared for."

"I was over 5,000 people. I was responsible for over a billion
dollars a year in sales. I went from that to an area where I
didn't even know what the water bill was each month. Although I
was head of the house, I soon realized that my wife ran everything."

"I would wake up at 11 and ask my wife what's for breakfast.
She replied, 'Breakfast is at 7:30; after 7:30 "what's for
breakfast" refers to tomorrow.'"

Ed Williams kept us rolling in laughter about his retirement.
He was funny yet serious. Most of us had not given much thought
to the other end of the road; we were busy on the treadmill of

There are two ends of the road.
Retirement, which is more of a speed zone than an end,
and after we "cross over."

"Too many of my colleagues dropped dead at 64," Ed explained
when he was asked why did he retire. Ed didn't use a more
politically correct term. "Dropped dead" was what he said.

"Some of my fellow executives were worth millions but had never
really left the office to enjoy it. I made up my mind to not
follow that pattern."

Ed Williams impacted me. It's easy to get wrapped up in the
hustle and bustle of making another dollar. Even when your
needs are met, you are still on the highway.

While in the middle, it's good to realize there are other ends.

Maybe it's time for some of you to leave the office for a few
hours a week and smell the roses, before you push up the roses.

~N. Bronner

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