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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

#0480 What men want

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0480 Peace and Blessings Every Day
What men want
1. A man wants to be respected.
Girls, we need to understand how important respect is to men!
The definition of respect is "Esteem for or a sense of the worth
or excellence of a person, a personal quality or ability, or
something considered as a manifestation of a personal quality or
ability". There are many things about my husband that I respect
and I let him know that regularly. I love telling him what a
wonderful father he is, how great he is at taking care of me or
how great of a photographer he is. Now one problem you may have
is if your husband doesn't have much to respect. If that is the
case, look for any little thing you can find to admire and
respect. One of the best things I've ever heard is "Inside every
man is a king and a fool. Which one are you talking to?" If you
treat your husband like a fool, expect to see a fool when you
look at him. If you treat your husband like a king, expect to
see a king when you look at him. How you treat your husband is
so important! Learn to talk to and treat your husband with
respect. After all, if a man's wife won't respect him, who else

2. A man wants a cheerleader.
I am Colby's number one fan. Period. There's just no one in this
world who thinks more of him than me. There's no one who
supports him more than I do. I love to cheer him on and
encourage him. There's times he's been down and discouraged and
I can begin to encourage him and cheer him on, when I do that I
can see him start to lift his head a little higher. It's like a
boost of energy for your husband. Make a habit of cheering your
husband on in everything he does.

3. A man wants the "big event".
Face it girls, men want sex. There is nothing wrong with that,
it's how they were created. As much as you want and need
conversation, your husband wants and needs sex. Sexual intimacy
is a man's comfort food. As much as you crave chips or
chocolate, your husband craves sex. And again, there is
absolutely nothing wrong with that. Please do not make your
husband feel bad or wrong for wanting to be intimate with you!
There is nothing perverted or gross about a man wanting to sleep
with his wife. Girls, you can do so much damage to your
relationship with your husband by rejecting him on a regular
basis. Make sex a regular part of your marriage.

4. A man wants to hang out with the guys.
Sometimes your husband just needs to be able to go hang out with
his friends without a guilt trip. I know it can be hard for us
girls, especially if you stay home with kids all day, to not
cling to your husband as soon as he walks in the door. Now i'm
not talking about all the time, if he is wanting to be gone
every night of the week, that's not ok. But if your hubby is
just wanting a night out each week or every other week, do not
make him feel bad for that. You know you'd jump at a night out
the second it was offered to you!

5. A man wants you to fix up for him.
This can be a very hard one for us girls. We'll fix up to go to
dinner, or to go to church, or to go visit with a friend. But at
home? It's time for jammies and face masks! That's how it is
most of the time isn't it? While I do believe it is completely
ok to wear your jammies and that face mask, it's a great idea to
not look like that every day when your husband walks in the
door. I personally love pony-tails and sweatpants and
thankfully, Colby doesn't expect for me to be fixed up every day
when he gets home. But it is nice to have at least a little
make-up on and something other than sweatpants when he comes

6. A man wants his home to be his castle.
It doesn't not matter how nice or how run down your home is,
your husband takes pride in it. When Colby gets off work, he is
so looking forward to coming home and relaxing. He loves to walk
in the door and sit down with the kids and just take some time
to unwind. However, when our home is a mess and there's stuff
everywhere, when the kids are screaming and wild, when I'm
snappy because I've had a hard day...it can be almost more
stressful to come home than it was to be at work. That's pretty
sad huh? Now things happen and it's not always possible to have
things calm and orderly when your husband walks in the door, but
work to make a calm environment the normal environment.

7. A man wants his wife to believe his dream.
My husband has a pretty big dream, it's one that will probably
taken several years to fulfill. Over the last year or two that
he's had this dream he has grown discouraged many times. There
have been a few times he was wanted to give up and try something
else. Every one of those times I reminded him of his dream and I
reminded him how much I believed in his ability to fulfill his
dream. You know what? He hasn't given up on it yet! It's hard,
and it's discouraging for us both sometimes but it is his dream.
That is something I will not give up on until it happens.
Knowing that I believe in him and support him is one of the
things that keeps him going, it's one of the things that keeps
him from just giving up. Whatever your husband's dream is, make
sure he knows you support him. Make sure he knows that you will
do everything you can to help that dream come true. Understand
that he's not just here to make your dreams come true, you are
also here to help make his dreams come true. Never forget that!

~by Jamie Colby

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