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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

#0522 Zest in relationships

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0522 Peace and Blessings Every Day
Zest in relationships

When a relationship is new, it gives you a feeling
that often is described as butterflies in your stomach.
You don’t know what’s going to happen, where it’s
going, you constantly want to see the person, you
flirt...things are just dynamic.

Your emotions are in a constant mix, but what
you know is you love the thrill.

This continues as the relationship becomes
more stable.

Yet, you reach a point where things are just
dull, static, routine...the zest in the
relationship is weak or no longer there.

There is bound to happen to all relationships
at one point or another.

It can be prevented, or at least mitigated.
Whether you are the man in the relationship,
or you are the woman in the relationship, the
responsibility is still the same. As a participant
in the relationship, you need to find ways to
keep that zest alive.

Flirt with your significant other.

Surprise them with even the smallest of things.
Take them to a live show...surprise them for
a lunch date...leave a written note some where
for them to find.

Basically, do what you would have done at the beginning
of the relationship before you knew that you
had this person, and before you started taking
that person for granted.

A happy relationship will keep the mind at peace.

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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