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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

#0648 Dream Projections into Reality

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0648 Peace and Blessings Every Day
Dream Projections into Reality
A wise woman once told me that your dreams are your future possibilities. And the way to make those real was to project your dreams five years into the future into an “ideal day”. She told me to put as much detail as I possibly could into that day from the moment I woke ~ to the moment I went to sleep. If money, talent and time were no issue ~ what would that day look like? Everything! If I wanted to be a concert pianist in my imagined “dream future” put that down~ in writing.
When I completed that, she told me to extract anything in that day that was superfluous but would still be an “ideal day”. So for instance… I really didn’t need to be a concert pianist (I didn’t even have a piano) but I could play music (the guitar perhaps). I really didn’t need a 100 acre ranch, maybe a nice house with some land would suffice and it would still be ideal. Once I had removed the all the extraneous things from that “ideal day”, I was told to look at my life presently and see how many elements of my “dream” I already had. After that I was to list the all things that were still missing from my projected ideal day.
When I had the list in front of me, I could clearly see the pieces that I needed/wanted, that were missing from my dream. She said “ now you have a direction for your dreams and all you have to do is gather the things that are missing. If you do that, you will bring your future to your present one piece at a time”.
Five years later… my dream has changed with time. I am truly grateful for all the wonderful things in my life even if they are not extraordinary. A good cup of coffee, hot running water, friends who are generous with their time or conversations. I am aware (every day) of living my dream in the present moment. I’ve even learned to play the guitar…

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