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Monday, August 26, 2013

#0646 Crawling

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0646 Peace and Blessings Every Day
Our son Zayan is at an age where he is learning to
crawl. I was at my 10 year high school reunion and some
other parents asked about Zayan. “Has he started crawling?”
“Well, yes...but instead of his crawling going forward, Zayan
is going backwards.”

I thought Zayan’s situation was not the norm, but to my surprise,
a lot of parents told me that their children started that way
too. It was fascinating for me. You see I don’t believe in coincidence.
In God’s great plan that is life, everyone has a purpose and reason.
We humans just may not fully comprehend or understand it in certain

So what do I make of Zayan crawling backwards? Well, I took it as a
theme for life. There are times when we feel like we are going backwards
in life instead of forward. It can be in any aspect of your life: from love to
friends/family, work/career, body size... just about anything. Often the
case is that just like Zayan’s learning to crawl backwards, it is something
that we need to do and learn before we can learn to move forward.

We will get frustrated because of course moving forward is the way to go.
No one ever wants to feel like he/she is moving backwards in life. But when
it happens to you, just appreciate that it is something you may need to do
before you can eventually move forward.

Crawl backwards to learn to crawl forward.

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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