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Thursday, July 18, 2013

#0196 Your vibrations

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0196 Peace and Blessings Every Day
Your vibrations.

Everything vibrates - everything.  Our thoughts vibrate sending
signals that are matched and sent back to us in the form of experiences.  
What kind of signals are we sending?  We know the nature of our
signals by what we are experiencing in life.

The people we encounter and our experiences will indicate
what frequencies we are sending to the Universe.
What kind of people are we encountering? Are they nice, pleasant people?
What kinds of experiences are we having?
Would most of them be considered good experiences or bad experiences?

As we change our thoughts we change our experiences.  
Our conversations can help us know the nature of our thoughts.  
What is the typical tone of a conversation with a friend, a family
member or a stranger? Are we more likely to talk about the benefits
of the weather or the problems with it? Are we more likely to notice
the good in someone or what we don't like about them?

We draw to us what we focus on. The more we focus on the
good in people and the good within events in our life, the more
we will draw pleasant experiences into our life.  All events, whether
we label them good or bad, have opportunities within them.

Our world becomes a better place as we focus on the good around
us, within us and within others. Good fortune is a natural way of being,
and the more we notice our good fortune the more it grows, like a
flower in the sunshine.

What is our individual energy signature telling the Universe?

~Submitted by Inner Peace Be Upon You Subscriber Catherine G, VA, USA~

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