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Monday, July 15, 2013

#0129 The $5 dollar beggar

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0129 Peace and Blessings Every Day

The $5 dollar beggar.

The weather was nice so I decided to go for a walk
around the block of my building. I like to take walks
during the day. It provides me a break to just be
with my thoughts and the open air.

As I was circling around the block I saw an old woman
sitting on the brick-edge of a garden. She had a laundry cart
to her right, but without laundry. Just some plastic bags and
a small suitcase beside her on the left.

I looked her way and smiled as a gentle breeze swept past
my face. As we exchanged a glance she asked, “Can you
spare a dollar.”

I see my share of panhandlers and beggars in DC, so this
was not anything new. However, I reached into my pocket
and pulled out what was a $5 bill and gave it to her.

Some times we see people who ask for money, and we think
to ourselves, “They’ll probably use it for drugs, alcohol, or
other vices” or “Let me pull out a $1 dollar instead of a $5, $10, etc.
This day I didn’t think of such judgmental things as may be normal to
cross the mind.

Instead I thought to myself, “This lady needed help or from the looks of
it she needed help. This $5 is not going to set me back. I hope she
doesn’t use it for drugs or other vices, and  instead buys the food
she may need.”

At this point I had a Peace and Blessings moment.

Most of us are looking for Inner Peace. One of the ways to get
this Inner Peace is to give what you have. From my own
experience and from what I hear from others who constantly
give to others, it is one of the best ways to feel good and at peace
with each other.

It may not always need to be money, but if you have it and
it will not pose financial hardship on yourself, perhaps you can
purify yourself by giving some of what you have been blessed

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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