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Sunday, July 14, 2013

#0114 Poem for life

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0114 Peace and Blessings Every Day
Poem for life

Life starts with a cry, let it end with a smile
In your life, learn with joy and contribute from your heart
While working to add a brick to human progress and prosperity
If you succeed, be proud but not be conceited
If you fail, be dignified but never be despondent
For success and failure are parts of human experience
Read attentively to what others write
And listen carefully to what others say
Even if their thoughts are different from your own
For there ought not to be any monopoly over truth
Never be an oppressor
For think of yourself as being the oppressed
An oppressed suffers inhumanly during the ordeal, while
An aggressor will some day die
But the act of aggression remains forever
May we turn it into a remembrance in human consciousness
So that it is not to be repeated
Do remember that humans are created free
With dignity and equality for women as well
For today's woman is our future's mother
Do learn that forgiveness emanates from strength
While revenge is but a symptom of weakness
For forgiveness and revenge exist in human consciousness
If you lose your health, never lose your faith
If you lose your wealth, never lose your hope
If you deviate from success, never lose your drive
Be strong and dignified
Be loving and caring
From the Desk of Dr. Ibrahim Oweiss

~As submitted by Inner Peace Be Upon You subscriber Reem G, VA~USA~

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