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Saturday, July 13, 2013

#0106 My life is out of control

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0106 Peace and Blessings Every Day

My life is out of control.

I can remember back to my teenage years. There was
a lot going on in my life. A lot of good things.

School was going well. I had great friends. I was blessed
with a great family. The future was in my palm of my hands.
Yet, my life was out of control.

How can that be? It goes contrary to everything I just stated.

My life was out of control because of my temper. With a snap
of a finger, my fuse would go off.

Whether it was someone who said something that rubbed me the
wrong way, or if things did not go according to plan, or if I ended
up not having something go my way, I would snap.

I’d get heated, curse, and some times even get angry with God.

I soon realized that I had to change my ways. I had to personally
develop myself. I had to work on myself. I decided I would make
3, 6, and 12 month goals broken out into “Personal Goals” and
“Professional Goals.”

Guess what was in my “Personal Goals” list? That’s right.

“Control your temper.” I wrote this down and made a contract
with myself. I put this contract some where I could see it every day,
and although I am not perfect today, I have gotten that aspect of my
life under control.

What type of contract can you write with yourself?

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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