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Saturday, July 13, 2013

#0090 Are you Grateful for All of Your Challenges?

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0090 Peace and Blessings Every Day

Are You Grateful for All of Your Challenges?

Author and professional speaker Zig Ziglar has said that he has
been grateful for all of his challenges, because without them,
he would not be the person who he is today.

When I read that, I thought to myself rather cynically, "That's
fine, Mr. Ziglar. But what about the rest of us who struggle
and struggle, with no end in sight? Sure, I would be happy to
put up with these challenges if I knew they would have a fairy-
tale ending like yours did!"

Please let me tell you my story . . .


I had been working for a company that had experienced a number
of reorganizations and managerial changes. I was so frustrated
in my position, I thought "Anything has to be better than this!"
And I left at the first opportunity.


I was wrong. Like so many "rebound relationships," I found this
new job was even worse than the first! I begged for an
opportunity to come back to my former company. They agreed to
give me an interview. At the same time, I had wanted to attend a
conference and I knew that this second company would not give me
the time off. Since I knew that I would likely be returning to
my company in just a matter of days, I quit.

The problem became, after I came back and interviewed, I didn't
get my old job back.

Now things were really challenging. No job. A daughter attending
a private university and a wife with a life-threatening disease.
Since I quit, I couldn't even apply for unemployment
compensation. I had no money, just a lot of sleepless nights.


I had a lunch with a someone I once worked with, told him my
predicament and casually mentioned that I was thinking of
starting my own business. He listened and asked, "How much money
do you need to get started?" I hadn't been asking for any money.

Not only did he save me from foreclosure, we have developed a
fabulous friendship that would not have occurred otherwise.
After all, not everything can be measured in dollars and cents.

Fast forward several years . . .

My friend is now working for a large multinational corporation
in town. I would like to work there also, but I figured in this
economy, they must get 1,000 applications for each new position.
Where would I even start to apply?

"It's very simple," my friend told me. "Here's all you need to
do . . ."

I then found out that my former boss from the first company I
mentioned above also works there. He put in a good word for me
with the hiring manager with whom I met with yesterday
afternoon. This could be for my "dream job."

Morals of my story:

Your prayers may not be answered today, this week, this month or
even this year.

They may be answered in ways you don't even expect.

Even if you were the one who made mistakes, God will put people
into your life to help you.

Keep moving forward.

~T. Hilliard~

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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