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Friday, July 12, 2013

#0084 Acceptance of family

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0084 Peace and Blessings Every Day

Acceptance of family.

I was talking to a good friend of mine and she was
telling me about her sister getting engaged. She
was happy, of course, however, she indicated how
she felt her sister had "changed."

"How has she changed?" I asked her. 

"Well, she doesn't take care of herself anymore, and 
I feel like she is mistaking friendship and acceptance
of this guy for love. On top of this, it doesn't help
that my parents aren't accepting of this guy and my parents
and my sister don't have the best history together."

My friend was in a tough position. In one place, she didn't
want her older sister to make a mistake. In the second place,
she wanted to help fix her sister and parents' relationship.

It was an Inner Peace and Blessings moment. 

I told her, "You know when we were younger and we were 
learning to ride a bike for a very first time, our parents 
wantedto keep us safe so they would hold onto the bike. 
They wanted to protect us, but in order for us to learn 
how to ride a bike, they had to eventually let go knowing we 
would fall and may get hurt. If they didn't let go of that bike, 
we would have never learned from our mistakes."

As a sister or brother to another, our role is to support our 
siblings in any way possible. Yes, they may make mistakes. 
Yes, we can caution them, but in the end they have the free-will 
to make their own choices.

We have to just be there to support them and help pick them up when they fall.

As well, our parents may not have good relationships with 
one of the other siblings. We can't control their relationship. 
We can't control their actions, behavior, or reactions.

What we have control of is our own actions, behavior, 
and reactions. As much as we want to help fix other people's problems, 
some times those problems are there so those people
involved can learn from it. 

So just like my friend, we have to learn that we need to 
let others grow with their problems, but be there in moments they 
need us to pick them up without judgement.

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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