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Thursday, July 11, 2013

#0061 3-Step Marriage Fix

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0061 Peace and Blessings Every Day

3-Step Marriage Fix

Understand that happiness comes within. If you are one of those people that says 
"my partner doesn't make me happy", maybe you should consider for a moment 
why you thought they would? True happiness comes from within, and unless your 
partner is a true horror of humanity, a thoroughly unpleasant person, chances are 
the only reason you are unhappy is because of something inside yourself, some 
unfulfilled potential or hidden dream. 

- Share the Fix Website

Some of our subscribers are married, others are wanting to get married,
and others are some where inbetween. I came across a website that includes
a 3-step marriage fix. This isn't just for marriages that are going through problems,
but even healthy marriages. There is a 30-minute talk, which I have already listened
to. If you would like to listen to it to find out the 3-step marriage fix, start at minute 11.
It will take 13 minutes to listen to the 3 steps, and it may be an investment of time
you make in your life in case it helps you now...or later.

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