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Ramin Mohammad

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

#0035 Playing fair

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0035 Peace and Blessings Every Day

Playing fair

My father is a fairly private man. When he talks, it is worth listening to
due to its simplicity and the profound wisdom within it.

He normally speaks to me about religion. On one particular day 
he decided to share with me a story about his teenage years. I was intrigued
because my father is normally private, so I listened intently.

"Ramin, I want to share something with you," my father says. "Around the time that
I was your age, Afghanistan was filled with numerous tourists. People would come
all over to seek its beautiful terrain, mountains, and lush valleys. This was good
for the shop I worked at because foreign tourists loved the antiques that we sold."

My father's charismatic nature brought in a lot of buyers to the shop. To assist
them in their shopping needs, he would also take them around to various shops so 
they could buy other items on their shopping list. 

"In this one instance I had a buyer who wanted some hand made items," he continues,
"So I decided to take them to this one old man whose shop was run out of a cart. The
old man had a weathered face. Skin as tough as worn leather with a predominantly 
white beard and white hair covered by a turban on his head. I took this couple and translated
for them. The shop keeper was selling his items very cheaply, so I told the shop keeper
'Why don't you increase the price three times? It's not like they are going to know."

At this point my father pauses and he looks past my face. His mind wanders. 

"The shop keeper, who was kneeling down, looks at me. He tells me, "Son, these
people may not know that I am increasing the price three times and in turn taking
advantage of them, but--as he points to the clear sky--God is always watching. He will know."

It was an Inner Peace and Blessings moment for him.

My father told me that he always remembered that day when he started his own business. He
dealt with his customers as though God was right there with them in his transactions.

In all of our dealings in life, we should always remember to be fair to others.
The universe has an interesting way of balancing itself. The dealings that we make
today will effect some aspect of your life tomorrow. 

Remember that even if someone else doesn't know your true motive,
God knows.

Play fair.

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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