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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

#0003 One good deed

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0003 Peace and Blessings Every Day

One good deed

For the past year, I have been commuting to work via some 
type of public transportation to avoid traffic. I wake up early enough 
in the morning so I can pray, get my things in order, and get ready for work. 
More often I would love to get another hour of sleep. 

The train provides the perfect opportunity to do this. As it takes about an 
hour to get to my destination, I typically find my seat and start to doze off 
to the sound of the train moving.

Normally, I am very good at waking up a few minutes before I reach my 
destination, which is the last stop anyway. This morning I woke up one stop before 
my destination, but my mind and body wanted to sleep a little longer. I tried to fight it, 
but slowly I started dozing and dozing.

I was asleep and out. 

Suddenly, I felt a tap.

I looked around and saw that the train was nearly empty. 

Nearly empty except for this one guy. 

This guy who didn't even know me. 

He didn't know what I did. He didn't know where I worked. He didn't know what I could do for him.

Yet, he saw me sleeping sound and not hearing that the train had reached its final destination 
and thought he would help me out by giving me a tap. 

It was an Inner Peace and Blessings moment. 

The man's gesture probably doesn't seem big. He just tapped me. A few small taps to wake me up.

But the thing is even though it doesn't seem like a big gesture, for me it was big this morning.

If he hadn't woken me up, I may have missed my stop, headed toward the opposite direction, 
been late for work, and probably ruined my mood the rest of the day.

He didn't give me a chance to thank him, but my soul did continuously for that one good deed of his. 
Imagine the blessings we get when others thank us directly from the heart for something that to us
seems so very small.

It is immense. 

Don't let Satan distract you from doing that one good deed today. 

It may seem small. It may not seem to make a difference. It may not be much.

But you would be surprised from the blessings you may receive.

What will be your one good deed?

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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