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Thursday, September 19, 2013

#0659 Poses to fight fatigue

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0659 Peace and Blessings Every Day
Poses to fight fatigue

For many of my readers who have been with Inner Peace Be Upon You
for some time know that I am a big believer in exercise and
staying active. As well, I believe it is just as important to have
some form of meditation. Along with my five daily prayers, I work
to get some form of yoga in.

The link below is from Huffington Post, and it focuses on poses that
can help fight fatigue. Some of these poses may require some practice
for the beginner, but the one that I wanted to put the focus on is an easy
one that anyone can do. The Right Nostril Breathing (Surya Bhedana) is
a breathing technique that focuses creating energy associated with
the sun. It helps to simulate, invigorate, and awaken the self.

Below are instructions on how to perform. Even if you think it is silly,
give it a try because the most it will take is a few minutes of your day.
If you want to try out the other poses, be sure to take a look at the link.

Right Nostril Breathing (Surya Bhedana)
To perform the exercise, sit upright in a chair or on the floor in a comfortable cross-legged position, blocking the left nostril with the thumb and extending the fingers. Breathe long and deep, in and out of the right nostril for around five minutes

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