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Welcome to Inner Peace Be Upon You!

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

#0403 Broken Heart

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0403 Peace and Blessings Every Day
Broken Heart

Everyone has experienced a broken heart. Love is
a natural part of life. It comes and goes with or
without your consent.

What happens and what do you do when you do
have a broken heart?

Normally, we need to let the heart mend. This requires
time, and that is a natural part of the process.

Quite often too many of us allow this time to linger
too much. I know I have done it numerous times.

What you need to do when you have a broken heart is
to not remain idle. Occupy your time.

Sometimes occupying your may mean occupying it with
self-destructive behaviors.

The best thing that you can do is to do something that helps
others. It's a universal principle that when you start focusing
on helping others, your own problems are diminished.
Don't just stand there, DO SOMETHING!

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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