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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

#0421 More failures equals success

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0421 Peace and Blessings Every Day
More failures equals success

I was reading a quote I had come up with during

Before I go further, let me address this:
Yes, I write my own quotes.

The reason for this is simple. Each time I learn
something new, I memorialize it so I grasp
what I learned from a lesson.

The quote that I was just reading today was:

I am not disappointed by my failures in life.
I know the more failures I have, the closer
I am to being successful.

I wrote this quote during my time at
University of Virginia. At UVa I was
very entrepreneurial. In fact, during my second
year I was almost kicked out of the dorms because
I was running a business I started with a friend
from Georgetown.

Although this business was a great experience,
it ended up failing. Thereafter, I started another
business related to exporting and importing.
That too did not do well. I then started
another business targeting the retail sector
of airports and competing with the biggest
duty free retailer out there. Unfortunately,
that too did not fare well.

Each one of these times, I was upset with
the amount of time and energy I placed into
the venture, but I started to realize something.

Each time I started something I did something
better due to my previous experience. Although
the ventures ended up failing, I realized more and more
that each time I was closer to something
successful. That’s because each time I worked
off of what I learned from before.

Reflecting back to that quote, I now am ready
to change it slightly.

I am not disappointed by my failures in life.
I know the more failures I have, the closer
I am to being successful by perfecting the
successes of my failures and improving
the areas of failure from my failures.

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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