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Ramin Mohammad

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

#0466 Thinking this is the last time

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0466 Peace and Blessings Every Day
Thinking this is the last time

I thought that was going to be the last time.
What a sigh of relief it was.
The last time I really had to create a detailed plan
in advance to make something work.
This was back while I was transitioning to grad school.
I had planned my course load so that I could
obtain my Master’s degree in half the time by taking
more gradute level courses while I was an
undergrad. As well, I was planning on taking
my Certified Public Accountant Exam before
I started graduate school. It was tough, but it worked.
I thought to myself, “I am set! I won’t have to
plan like this again!”

Here I am again in the midst and confusion
of planning once again.

You see right now I am at the crossroads of planning
what I want to do with my legal career. I have
a predominant business background and with my
experience, I can get a nice cushiony job as
a corporate or energy lawyer.

But something has been nagging at me that perhaps
I should work toward something that I can directly
help others.

The thing is I don’t know what I want. There’s just
a feeling...a voice...that I need to explore.

What this will entail is planning
because I have to fit in pro bono and volunteer
work while working full-time and going to school
part-time as well as making sure my family
is taken care of for so I can find something
I will enjoy doing.

A lot of times we think we are set in a career, style
of living, in a relationship, education, or whatever
else you can think of. We feel like by planning
for X, Y, and Z we will be set. We do this only
to find later on that things change.

Whether this change happens voluntarily or involuntarily
the things that we planned to make us feel like we were
set comes back to haunt us in a way because suddenly
it leaves us in a state of confusion as to what will come

I believe when this happens, it is God’s way of trying to show
us that either it is time to move on, or something better
is going to come.

It won’t come easy however. It will take time,
effort, and some planning.

So while you may, like I did, think that this
is the last time, trust me when I say that it is
not and it won’t be the last time. Yet, so
long as you are blessed with the energy
and patience to do so, enjoy for you
may find something good within the midst of all
that planning and confusion.

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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