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Thursday, September 19, 2013

#0442 Silence

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0442 Peace and Blessings Every Day

There are times when God will speak to you and then be silent
for an extended period of time.  Silence does not mean you have
been forsaken by God. It simply means that God has spoken,
and now is the time to allow the word that He spoke to germinate
and come to pass.

Silence is not the same as peace. Silence is the absence of
noise, but peace is the presence of God! While you are going
through "silent years," you should focus on inner peace.

Inner peace produces outward confidence in the face of negative
circumstances so that we can go forward in the assurance that
even though tribulation is coming against us, we are more
than conquerors over it!

The Greek word for peace actually describes a spiritual
equilibrium no matter whatever may seek to upset us. The
religious meaning of peace never denotes the absence of trouble.
Peace is not the absence of negatives but the presence of
positives. God's peace is inward and spiritual and never
predicated by contrary circumstances or negative events.

Poverty, sickness, death nor debt can override internal peace!

Silent years should indicate a time of reflection, introspection
and listening. The quieter we become, the more we hear.
However, we cannot rush the silent years.

Silent years are times of transition. Transition is always
uncomfortable and appears to last forever. We must ENDURE the
silent years! Whenever you see the word endure, it means that
there is no short cut through it. It must be endured.
You cannot circumvent what must be endured.

The key to being able to ENDURE is to see the END (ENDure).

Now, here are some things for you to question during the silent

Is my life really submitted to God?
Have I learned my lesson?
What is God trying to teach me?
Am I humble enough to be teachable?
Has the fruit of patience been sufficiently developed in me?
Do I still have an appetite for the world in me?
Did I properly respond to the last thing God told me to do?
Have I attained a deeper faith?
Is my attitude right toward God and others?
Am I harboring unforgiveness?
What am I becoming?
Have I sufficiently developed and matured as a person?

During your silent years you should:

1. Practice and develop your gifts. Study.
2. Clarify. Define goals. Reorder priorities.
3. Serve (even while you are hurting).
4. Trust God.
5. Pray

Your silent years should change your life! You should come out
as a new person! When you come out, you should have a new level

1. Knowledge
2. Responsibility
3. Authority/Power
4. Faith
5. Trust

Remember, problems never come to last, they only come to pass!

~by Dale C. Bronner~

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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