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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

#0419 The storms of life

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0419 Peace and Blessings Every Day
The storms of life
When something catastrophic happens in our lives,
we wish for things to go back to how they were.
Often we try living in the past and instead create
prisons for ourselves. Read below to see why after a
storm in our lives, things are changed.

~From Inner Peace Be Upon You~

The problem is, we can never become as we were before the
Each experience, good or bad, changes us.

Let's look at a literal storm in the natural.

A typical storm has several or all of the following elements:
1. Heavy Wind
2. Heavy Rain
3. Lightening
4. Thunder
5. Darkness
6. Clouds
7. A sense of foreboding.

After the storm has several or all of the following elements:
1. All loose items have been blown from their original
2. If the winds are strong enough, all rigid items are snapped.
3. All areas without good drainage are flooded
4. All areas with good drainage are washed clean.
5. High and pointy things often draw lightening and are struck.
6. There is usually quiet after the storm.
7. There is usually much greater light after the storm.
8. The sky is clearer.
9. The sun is often shinning.
10. Either there is sense of relief or a sense of despair.

Our storms of life are very similar.

They will blow away anything not anchored solidly or not
flexible or strong enough to stand against the wind.

If we don't allow the rain to leave, we are flooded with
thoughts and emotions and can drown in them.
If we do allow the rain to drain, we are cleaner than before.

Storms often attack our pride greatest. The high and pointy
things are struck first and we are left smoldering in anger.

The air is charged greatest before and after a storm.
We feel it all around us.

There is a way to have peace during and after the storm.

~N. Bronner~

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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