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Thursday, September 19, 2013

#0450 Even the rain

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0450 Peace and Blessings Every Day
Even the rain

I have recently been watching a lot of foreign movies. There
is something about these movies that essentially
cuts through the glamor and facade that Hollywood movies
encompass, and has a purpose for making the movie.

One of these is a Spanish movie “Even the Rain” (Tambien
La Lluvia). This movie is about a director making a movie
about Christopher Columbus and his arrival to the
“New World.” For those of you who have only been
introduced to Christopher Columbus that most
schools romanticize may not be aware at the exploitation
and massacre of the natives at his hands.

This movie was a paradox because as the movie is
being filmed about the past it parallels an issue with
what is currently going on with the locals and that is the
modern exploitation of the people of the country by other
players such as corporations, the government, etc.

I am not here to give a film review (although I do recommend
this particular movie), but while watching this I realized
something that is always there, and as I am getting older
I am becoming more wise to it.

In every generation the problems are typically the same. Whether
it be oppression, strong versus the weak, rich versus poor, all
of these opposites are in one way or another at war or at struggle
with each other. With this movie, they are filming about an
even that happened more than a century ago, but yet in modern
day similar exploitations are going on.

What this made me realize is although at times we feel like
our actions are not going to help the inevitable struggle against
evil or our actions will be small compared to the big players whether
it be those in power, the government, the majority, we still have to
act and work toward good.

If every generation has gone through something very similar, it
is not a coincidence. God is just watching to see what we do
with the time we are given just as those before us were tried
and just as those after us are tried. We may have modern
technology and advancements, but the problems are still
the same when we get to the core.

Do what good you can to triumph over the evil and bad
with the time you are given because although it will repeat
with the next generation, you won’t have no more extra time
than the time you are given.

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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