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Ramin Mohammad

Thursday, November 7, 2013

#0689 Opportunities for my children

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0689 Peace and Blessings Every Day
Opportunities for my children
I am on the train this morning, and my normal routine is
to read for my classes at night. As I started to get into
my Corporations reading, I overheard the woman next to me talking
to someone about opportunities for her children.

She was talking about how some parents send their
children to boarding school, or private schools because
the public school systems aren’t that great.

This is the going trend. Sending children off to “prestigious”
schools at a very young age so that these children
can make the most out of themselves and have
opportunities in the very competitive economic environment
that we live in.

As she was saying all of this, it made me realize just how
much of a business children have become as it pertains
to getting the “best education” money can buy. The tuition
for these schools is not cheap. I have colleagues who are paying
up to $15,000 per year for their children who are only 6 years old.
That is about half of what I am currently paying for law school per

What often happens is parents tend to forget that children are in fact
still children. Yes, their brains are in developmental mode, but it
does not mean that love, care, and attention should be placed second
on the priority list, which is often what does happen when
children are placed in an environment early on that focuses on
strictly doing well in school, being in the top of their class, and starting
the competition very early on.

I don’t have anything against private schools or boarding schools or competition.
People who know me know that I value education dearly, I graduated
at the top of my class at each level of my education, and I am very success
driven. Yet, they also know that I am a product of the public school system.

I also don’t mean to make any judgments on parents who do send
their children to private or boarding schools. With my own children,
if my wife and I think any of our children has the need to go at a faster
pace in anything that interests them, I will be extremely supportive
including sending them to a private school. However, I also know
that I do not want to do it at the cost of their childhood or decreasing
quality time with them.

The reason why I have been able to do so well is at an early age is
I received love from my mother and father. I remember my mother
would take time to tutor me, nurture and tend to my needs as
my brain was developing, and make sure she did her part to
ensure my success.

Often these days, we tend to substitute our role as parents and
place full responsibility on the teacher and the school system.
We associate with the fallacy that if our children are in the best
schools even at the expense of them being children, that it’ll be
worth it.

Perhaps the opportunities we need to create for our children
is not to be found outside in private schools or boarding schools,
but inside the home where a lot of skills are learned from interactions within
the family structure.

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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