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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

#0557 Starting over

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0557 Peace and Blessings Every Day
Starting Over
I had a friend reach out to me because she was going through
a confusing phase in her life with her significant other. I was
saddened to hear she was going through a confusing phase,
but in the long run this was very good for her. She had
decided to take some action and get away for a while to
get some clarity.

She asked for some advice on how she can make the best
decision while being away from the situation. Here was my response:

I am not entirely sure of your situation with your guy, so I won't presume anything. I wrote a newsletter #0276, which had to do with asking yourself a question in all relationships:

In all relationships that key question can often put things in
the right light even if the action is wrong.

"Is this person trying to help me or harm me?"

The harming is not necessarily in the physical sense. The helping isn't necessarily physical either. But is this person really helping you grow as a person or is their time up?

Remember at the end of the day, we all play a role for someone else. When the roles we play are over, we have to realize it is time to move forward before the toxicity level rises both within the relationship and within ourselves.

One of the biggest things stopping people is the fear of starting over. "I have invested so much time and effort into this relationship" or "I really love him/her" or "He/She can change" or even more of a fallacy "I can change."

While yes, you have invested a lot of time and effort;
yes, you really love him/her;
yes, he/she can change only if THEY want to
and the same applies to you changing
because if it is forced then the normal habits will be reverted; the fact of the matter is by holding onto something that should no longer be there because of the fear of starting over, you are taking up space for what really needs to happen next.

I am all for making relationships work, and giving it a last try before I make the leap and move on. When the time is ready for you to move on (don't look at it as starting over) into the next phase of your life, you owe it to yourself, and the other person to take that step.

How do you know when the time is ready for you to move on? Well, if nothing else, the universe will work against your relationship. Everything will be forcing you out of it--just take a look at the pattern of events.

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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