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Monday, December 23, 2013

#0622 Ramadan 2013

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0622 Peace and Blessings Every Day
Today marks the first day of Ramadan for Muslims
around the world. Ramadan happens once a
year based upon the lunar calendar and lasts for
30 days. This marks the time when revelations were
given to the Prophet (peace be upon him) from God through
Angel Gabriel.

During this time period, Muslims ultimately work to attain
righteousness and inner peace. Muslims do not
eat, drink, smoke, or engage in sexual relations with their spouse from
sunrise to sunset. While these are geared more toward
the physical body and the physical needs of humans,
Ramadan also works on the spiritual.

During this month Muslims should refrain from backbiting, speaking
poorly of others, negative thoughts, keeping the eyes from improper
sights and ears from improper talks, getting angry, losing one’s temper,
harming others, and truly engage in behavior that
will replenish and soothe the soul. By refraining from the physical needs
of the body, the mind is too weak to engage in the other non-physical
activities, which would normally weaken and tarnish the soul.

So why do I write this for Inner Peace Be Upon You subscribers? There are
people of numerous faiths who subscribe and read these newsletters, and
perhaps even those who do not identify with any specific faith. Well, to
attain the benefits of fasting you don’t have to be a Muslim. In fact, Jewish,
Christian and Catholics have some form of fasting within their rituals.  I personally
believe that if you are a person of faith and fast for the sake of God, then
you will gain more from fasting, but if you are ever reaching a point
where your spirit and soul needs to be rejuvenated, then fasting may
be part of the cure and remedy.

Some times by limiting the physical needs of our body, we are able to reach
limitless boundaries for our spirit and soul.

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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