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Monday, December 23, 2013

#0619 Sleep Training

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0619 Peace and Blessings Every Day
Sleep Training

For any readers who are parents you will understand when I say it is difficult to sleep train children but it is extremely important for their development. Sleep training refers to the process of getting your child to sleep longer throughout the night without waking up every two hours, which is a habit formed from the earlier months.

Currently, Asia and I are working to sleep train our son Zayan Zayd who is beyond 7 months which means that he should be sleeping at least 7-10 hours without waking up. Although there are different theories to sleep training, what Asia and I decided to train is a gradual weening method. Zayan will wake up, start crying and we will not enter the room for 5 minutes in hopes that he learns to put himself back to sleep and break out of the habit of waking up every 2 hours. If he continues, we will enter and tap him to sleep--avoiding picking him up as a last resort. Each night thereafter we increase by a marginal minute or two.
The process is easier said than done. When your own child starts crying at night and you enter the room and see the tears running down his or her face, a parent can’t help but break and immediately want to help the child. In doing so, as parents we are helping the child get immediate comfort, but long-term wise it is also hurting the child because of the importance of being able to also self-soothe.

As we went through this process and I entered into Zayan’s dimly lit room with Asia when the 5 minutes were up, the moment I saw Zayan’s crying face, it broke my heart. I know Asia felt the same way--though I feel that for mother’s it is much harder. As I was there trying to console Zayan, I had an inner peace and blessings moment. It is remarkable the lessons you learn as parents, which help give you a better understanding of your own relationship with the Creator.

There I was watching over him as he was struggling and crying. I really wanted to help him, but the most I could do in order to help him was to let him learn to help himself fall asleep without our assistance. It hit me that God works in the same way. I am by no means attributing any traits of God to myself. The concept is the same however.

Most often we as humans are struggling and in pain and want immediate comfort and help, but we don’t get it from God as fast as we want it. God can ease the burden quickly, but most often it will be at the expense of our growth just like in Zayan’s case. God is there watching over us and helping us along the way just like I am watching over Zayan with Asia to make sure he knows that although we can’t pick him up, we are in the room taking care and notice to make sure he feels our presence.

So whatever hurt or struggle you are going through right now, and you feel that God is not there with you, just remember that although God isn’t giving you the immediate help you think you require, God is there helping you every step of the way.

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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