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Monday, December 23, 2013

#0620 Sleep Training and Teething

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0620 Peace and Blessings Every Day
Sleep Training and Teething
Yesterday’s issue #0619 Sleep training was about my wife Asia and I sleep training
our son Zayan Zayd. The issue focused more on the parallelism between us as parents
with our children and God’s relationship with us as humans.

An interesting thing happened last night: we had to break our sleep training routine.
Asia and I just came back from vacation and toward the latter half of it, Zayan’s two upper
teeth were painfully starting to come out. We had told ourselves when we come back
from vacation we are going to try to get him on a more routine schedule with sleep
training so Zayan can be more established in his sleep.

Well, we were getting ready for him to sleep so we went through his routine
of feeding him, Asia singing him a lullaby, and taking him up to his room. Everything
was the same, but the moment we put him down, Zayan started wailing. It wasn’t
a normal cry, but more that he was in need of comfort because he was hurting.

Asia went to pick him up and started comforted him. We tried putting him down
again. Once more, it was the same pained cry that broke our hearts as parents
into a million little pieces. Asia picked him up again, and we had a talk. We knew
that as much as we wanted to continue his sleep routine, right now he needed
to be comforted and in our arms.

We decided to let Zayan sleep with us and for the most part he was much more
in ease than by himself. The continued parallelism from the previous issue hit once more.
The previous issue focused more on us as humans not getting immediate comfort from God
when we are in pain, and in the long term that helps with our growth. Well, this particular
instance with Zayan proved to me that there are instances when we do feel the power of God’s grace
much more immediate. There are times when we really do need comfort and help. God will send that
in many forms: through friends, our children, spouse, random acts, etc.

Although there are many instances where we have to be patient and stick through whatever
challenge or obstacle is before us, there are also many times when we will get immediate comfort
and support when we ask of it.

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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