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Monday, September 19, 2016

#1020 Expectations

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 1020 Peace and Blessings Every Day
Life causes you to learn to make expectations.  These expectations are of things, places, and more
importantly, of people.

The problem with forming expectations of people is that more often than not,
people will fall short of your expectations.  It’s basically setting them up for failure,
and in turn, setting up for anguish within you.

I was talking with my wife, Asia, about this the other night when we were discussing friendships.
Right before we were married, I was speaking with a friend and I told him that I wasn’t
going to have expectations of my wife.  He didn’t agree with me because he
said that there were certain things you can expect of your spouse.

While I did see that what he meant was obligations and responsibilities, I didn’t
see them as expectations. For example, as spouses we have obligations and responsibilities
to love and care for each other.  However, our expectations form the way
the other person should love and care for us. That doesn’t always happen the
way we want it.  

Does it mean they love and care for us any less? Not necessarily. However, it does
mean that we have created an expectation that the other person may not reach,
and we will feel like they don’t care and love for us.

So what should we do? Have no expectations at all? No. I am not saying that.

You can have expectations, but you also have to learn how to detach yourself
from any resentment or sadness that may come from your expectation not being

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