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Friday, July 11, 2014

#0780 What I learned at the mall

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0780 Peace and Blessings Every Day
What I learned at the mall
We are at the mall. I am with my son in one of those indoor playgrounds where the kids play.
This is my third time taking him to one of these indoor playgrounds, and he enjoys
it more and more since he is 18-months now and is fully understanding social interaction.

The first two times, I would hover over him like a shadow.
I wanted to make sure he did not get hurt, or no other child picked on him.

This time I started out watching over him as if I were his shadow, but
then I realized I needed to let him explore and learn on his
own without me directly behind him at every turn so he could learn about
boundaries, cause and effect, and more.

I still watched over him, but this time I did it from a distance.
There were some couches for parents nearby, so I decided to take a seat
and observe  from there.

Even though he is only 18 months old, observing him play
allowed me to me learn something or become aware
of something new.  As an adult, I am exactly in the same position as my
son Zayan Zayd.

When we do things as adults, we think that we are not being watched over.
We think that we were alone, and there is no help along the way most times.
The reality of it is exactly the opposite. We are being watched. God is watching
over us constantly.

Though as adults we no longer need to be watched over as closely as we were when we were children.

We have more open boundaries where we have to make the decisions, and we have to learn the consequences. This doesn’t mean that when we fall or make a mistake that there isn’t help. Help does
come to us in one form or fashion or another from God--sometimes we are just too immersed into
the worldly life to take notice of the help being given.

My son is truly enjoying himself today. Yes, he has fallen a few times. He has tripped over another child
that has fallen. He has also learned the meaning of choice and decision. I will let him learn, but when I see that he needs me, I am only but a few feet away to help and guide him.

Zayan has learned from his interactions today at the mall. Yet, he is not the only one that has learned something.

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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