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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#0945 Dead leaves

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0945 Peace and Blessings Every Day
Dead leaves
I enjoy taking care of plants. There is something about the nurture and care that
it requires, which fascinates me.

When we left for vacation, the plants in the house did not get enough
water or care. When we came back, there were a lot of yellow leaves in our
hanging plant and some of our table plants. My mother, who was visiting us, saw
these yellow leaves.

She told me, “Son, you should remove these yellow leaves as they are dead or dying
and this way new leaves can grow.”

I shrugged off what she said because I thought I knew more than her as most children do.
More than that, I guess I was hoping that the yellow leaves that were dying would
perhaps come back to life.

“No mom. If I give it enough care and nurturing with water, I believe it can come back
and become green again.” She just smiled and said nothing further.

A week has gone by and I’ve continued to nurture and take care of these leaves. However,
the yellow leaves have not improved.

In fact, it has gotten worse. They’ve gotten more weak and are starting to fall off. Others are
on the verge of falling off.

As I swallow my pride and begin to pull some of the yellow leaves apart, I have come to realize that like in most circumstances, my mother was right. In this case, she was right on a much bigger level.

Life presents us with dead yellow leaves, but we just don’t know it. We tell ourselves that if we continue to do X, Y, and Z, that perhaps we can change the leaves and bring it back to what it was. However, what
we are ultimately doing is holding onto something that should no longer be there. Often, we are creating
more harm.

We create more harm because those leaves are eventually going to be replaced, but it cannot get replaced because the dead, dying, or yellow leaves are in the way. They need to be removed or allowed to be naturally removed so something new can come into its place.

Sometimes dead leaves are just that. Dead leaves.

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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