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Monday, December 8, 2014

#0835 Corpse Pose

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0835 Peace and Blessings Every Day
Corpse Pose
Yoga consists of a lot of movements, stretches, and holds.
All of these work to build your energy,
stamina, help muscle control, and ultimately to help you feel
great when it is combined with a focus on your breathing.

All of these movements, stretches, and holds are meant to prepare
you for one final task, which is considered the most difficult yoga pose.
This last position in yoga is called Sevasana.

I’ve had multiple yoga instructors, and each has referred
to this final pose as such. My most current instructor told
us at the end of the session to prepare not for Sevasana but
“Corpse Pose.”

What an interesting way to put it. It means the same thing
after all.

What is it? You ask.

This very difficult pose is when the yogi (person practicing yoga)
is lying down on his/her back with the eyes closed and hands/legs spread.
What makes this difficult is while you are lying down, you are supposed
to focus on nothing.

That’s it.

We do everything during that session to prepare
for that final pose of just lying down.

As I thought about this, I thought about our own existence as humans.
From the start of our birth we are on this constant toil of movements and actions. At
times we are placed in holds too.  Often, we fail to remember that everything
we are doing is meant to get us to our final position.

This final position, in our own lives, is the “Corpse Pose” as well.

Everything that we do leads to the point in our lives where we can do no
more. We wait until we are placed before our creator, and the only things that will count
for the lives that we led  are those movements and actions that lead
up to the Corpse Pose.

If we constantly remind ourselves that we all end up in the Corpse Pose,
we can make better decisions during the process, and live our lives where our movements
and actions constitute good deeds that outnumber any bad ones

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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