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Monday, February 3, 2014

#0726 Even your parents need a reminder

Inner Peace Be Upon You

# 0726 Peace and Blessings Every Day
Even your parents need a reminder
Our son Zayan is picking up words and phrases. As he is
only 13-months and this is the time where children learn the
most, we try to capitalize on the fact that we speak multiple
languages and teach it to him.

His most recent words are being able to count up to three
in farsi. He did this in front of family, and my father
said Zayan will become a great business man like me.
My sister corrected my father to say a great business man
like his father and his grandfather meaning him.

I was dismayed at what my father said next.

“No, a business man like his father. I feel like
I have not been successful.”

I was shocked at him saying this. Here was the man
that I looked up to as a role model, and who shaped me
into the person I am. Yes, my mother played a huge role
in my life as well, but as with any child, my father was
my first hero.

I was dismayed by him saying this because here you have a man
who practically brought his entire family from Afghanistan to
the United States single-handedly during the time of the cold war to ensure
his family’s safety. This didn’t just include my mother, siblings,
and myself. This included his own brothers, his own parents,
his own nephews and nieces. Just from a monetary stand
point this was huge sum of money.

His success went beyond and goes beyond the monetary sense.
My father also was my role model for how I was brought up religiously.
To be in constant remembrance of God, give to charity, and treat others
kindly. It wasn’t from what he told me. 


It was from how he acted.

I learned through example. To this day when I come across people who
know my father talk about how he went out of his way to
help them.

When he made that remark it made me realize our parents are
not immune from these feelings of loss and failure. These are universal
feelings. Our parents had hopes, dreams, and goals. Most often things we as
children do not know and will not know what exactly they had to compromise
for us. They constantly sacrifice for us children in many fashions.

When my father said this, I realized that our parents
need reminding. 

Reminding of the fact that they are a success.

Reminding of the fact that we as children have noticed everything
they have done for us both in a monetary sense and more importantly
beyond that.

If you are fortunate enough to have your parents still around, remind
them of this fact today. You will be surprised at how  much they needed
to be reminded of this.

Inner Peace Be Upon You.

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